Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Year 2 Week 40

it has been week 40.. and it means that i only have another 12 weeks before ending up my second year
woah.. going to final year? let's not talk about that at the moment.. *panicks!*

well, i have scribbled down a lists on what to do/to achieve this week
hopefully, once i've completed them all, i should give myself a reward... eleh sikit-sikit reward.. 
well, that's how i work.. if you know something awaits you at the end of the day, you'll be high-spirited to finish them on given time.. agree, anyone??

so here it goes:

Monday - yesterday was May Bank Holiday... cuti.. :)

Tuesday - today.. supposed to collect my poster today for the annual pg symposium from the faculty administrator (FA).. but she hasn't had the poster in hand yet.. but she will let me know once she had it and i could come and collect it.. ooh can't wait! my very first poster in rhul!.. in the meantime, while waiting for FA's reply, i will do my journal readings.. *harap-harap tak tertidoq la!*

Wednesday -  the annual postgraduate symposium for my school starts today! my session will be on Thursday but i have friends presenting on the first day. should give them support eh? boleh observe dan ambik berkat awal2..huhu

Thursday -  my poster presentation session will starts at 2.. but i'll be in school in the morning to watch presentations by 1st year student..mana tahu boleh dapat idea baru untuk projek akan datang, kan? 

Friday - my exam's invigilator work starts today.. :) for the first day, only covers 2 hours exam.... will find some time to read at least a journal today!

May Datelines!

- submit Results chapter for 1st project to mr sv.. chaiyok Qila!
- should have a complete materials for literature review for 2nd chapter by end of May

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