Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Year 3 Week 43 - just read!

Here i am again. No post for ages and the blog is becoming lame and boring. According to the study timeline, i am nearly approaching the end of my 3 years study duration but looking at what i've gathered so far, it seems nowhere near enough to be called a full- draft thesis, let alone a thesis for viva! :( 

the feeling that i hate the most came once again -- panic attack! it was yesterday, when i remember waking up in the morning wondering whether the amount of work that i've done so far were enough for the time remaining. To tell you the truth, it was creepy and it feels like suddenly all the sweetness and the excitement of living abroad has utterly diminished from my mind.

i don't like this feeling. this has to be stopped before i became mrs g.r.u.m.p.y

better get the ass off to work now! 

no shopping and no holiday for the time being!
full stop.

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