Thursday, October 15, 2009

buku rujukan

yeah, like i told ya before
i'm not really good when dealing with stats
so, i bought this book to help me throughout my studies

went to meet my supervisor this afternoon to show my sampling progress and to discuss several matters about my research
n so far, he satisfied with my findings and he did recommending some additional points into my sampling results.. i can do that!
we do talked about my future tasks and he also inviting me to attend a conference at Kew's next month regarding mushroom's fruiting which i definitely call SUPERB!! my husband and i are actually planning to go there, but we have no idea when it will turn out to be real.. ouh, mr sv has make the dream come true, in-advance. yeah!.. yeay! i just can't wait to meet the expertise n surprisingly, the mycologist whom i am planning to meet with at Norway later also will attend this conference too! double luck!!

weee.. really can't wait for that!


H A N I said...

mushroom's fruiting..woaaaa..menarik!!! =) statistic ni kire upgrade lagi dari add maths..klu qila blh wat add maths, sure blh statistics..i knoe u can do it!! fighting!!! tp maser org blaja statistic dulu, serabut gak la, huhuh =( fenin @_@!

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

huhu... ayat2 motivasi penuh semangat dari cik hani..thanks a lot hani.. hopefully mr. sv can guide me along the way together with the help of the lab act and the reference book. insyaAllah... (1p)