Sunday, October 11, 2009

found it!

since little girl, i always dream to see this mushroom alive in front of me
yela, because every fairy tales illustration must have this kinda mushroom inside
and if you realise the shape of mushroom that u've drawn since your childhood must resemble this mushroom kan?; the red cap with white spotted dots on its surface

n i found it!
for the first time of my life, for real!
it's Amanita muscaria in science or local's, Fly agaric


overall: 18 samples collected in my 6th sampling


H A N I said...

waaaa..waner merah mushroom tu..haah la qila, dulu kecik2 slalu lukis cendawan camtu..ader tompok2 putih..tahniah qila, hasrat tcapai =)

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

tq tq! haah, memang pun, tapi qila tak jumpa cendawan ni kat malaysia. but luckily i found it here at my study sites! weeee... :)

H A N I said...

mesti lg bsemangat tiap kali nk wat sampling ni =) bagus3!! berusaha!