Tuesday, November 17, 2009


as all of you know, I have just attended my first meeting on fungal fruiting in relation to different sort of fields (genetic, climate change etc) organised by BMS at Kew Gardens
overall i found it very interesting and as new intern, there will be lots of things to be learnt from these people
not many young people involved in this kind of activity, yeah.. most of them are seniors and old..tahap mak-ayah dan datuk-nenek.. really!

that's not the point, actually
the real point here is, these people has made a simple and viable study on mushrooms according to their research interest and later sit together in a room and shared their results within the people with the same interest that might include the locals too
i think the applying method is just cool! you don't have to be someone Dr. or Prof. in order to show your complicated methods and results to your audience..
it is just about being you -- either you're just local citizen or a researcher or an academia, they share everything

another story:
i have received a forwarded message from my sv yesterday
still about the Kew's meeting on the previous day
this time was about an interested postdoc from Imperial who has been interested with what my sv has been working on at the moment (that includes me) and came out with another theory approach to be applied together
so, mv sv has replied to the interested people, asking if he would be able to meet us and have a discussion about this
at first, i was kinda shocked, but i think this is the good way to expand network and started to think beyond the horizon..yeah, it's a good start
but before the meet-up, i need to study about that particular theory approach to get an understanding feature of it..

but, hold it!
i need to finish my 4 month progress report first..
the deadline
 is this Friday and a week after, i am going to have my first formal meeting with my sv and advisor..wish me luck guys!

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