Thursday, September 23, 2010

done with the meeting, let's work it out!

Alhamdulillah, the meeting today was successful as I hope it would be
my sv looks happy and satisfied with my progress
so, next thing to do is to keep and maintain that situations throughout the years to come...haha!

it is decided that my 2nd project of the year will officially start next week
so, i'll be spending most of the time in the lab while doing my fungal sampling in the forest once/twice in a weekly basis
oh, not to forget i am gonna have one research training skill course to attend to on next week as well
will probably be busy as bee!

you know like suddenly i had this kind of not-so-great idea but i think it could enhance my creativity in writing..bluurgh!
and i am thinking of doing a scrap book for fungi found in or around RHUL.. at least it could enhance my technique of identifying those species and having them recorded for my very own collection.. i won't think beyond than what i could imagined for this idea but i hope i could find as many species as possible while i'm studying here.. yeah, could share it with my sv later! haha

ok, that's it for now
time to start working!!!

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