Saturday, August 8, 2009

recharging mode is over~~

saya akan mula bekerja!

last Thursday, mr. sv has handed me the 'precious' database that contains every single data for about 60,000 samples recorded since 1950s.. it was superb! he explained to me how the database works and taught me the steps to update, to analyze, transfer another data into the database etc. Moreover, he also supplied me with statistical analysis software for my future analysis. His last words before we end up our discussion that day were, "take your time, Aqila. You don't have to rush anyway. I am sure that it's gonna take months for you to complete that"..haha! banyakla tu nak kene buat pasni.. but then, I'm OK with that

another day, when i met Alan for further discussion, he has introduced me to Deborah, his post-doc student currently doing research on bug associated with fungi (if i'm not mistaken lah!).. he told that Deborah is going to Windsor Great Park (my future study site) the next day and going to meet the forest expertise (juga merangkap pakar dalam pengecaman fungus), Mr Ted Green and you know what's gonna happen, do you? Alan itu berkata yang ini adalah kesempatan terbaik untuk saya berjumpa En. Ted yang itu. maka sebagai student yang solehah, saya mengangguk saje. Amboi, baru lum lepas habis jetlag lagi dah kene tengok study site.. nyway, it was a great experience to meet him btw.. :)

I think i am gonna love this place~ the WGP.. why? sebab cendawan die besar2, cute, dan sangat senang nak, hutannya takde banyak semak, tak banyak CWD, and the most important thing is ~ no leeches!! haha.. but somehow, there are times that the area will get wet and full of mud due to heavy rains in i shud get prepared with my boots and other equipments!

saya akan berjumpa dengan mr. sv isnin ni plak untuk report perjumpaan saya dengan en. ted dan perancangan untuk sampling saya di masa depan. ok, till then, everyone


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