Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday I've met my supervisor for the first time after exchanging mails for about 11 months
we promised to meet at 11
my husband and i went out from the house at 10 and we just walk to the university
it was sunny morning yet the air blown was so damn cold!

my sv's office is at the Bourne Building
to get there, we have to pass through several buildings
FYI, this uni wasn't that big as i expected before
kecik je, macam UMT tu..

it was still early as we arrived at the building
so, we took a rest and sat down at the bench in front of the Bourne's
10 mins before the meet up, we went in and look upon the building map to locate Prof. Alan's room
suddenly i heard a sound calling my name from behind
it was HIM!
i never expected to meet him in such way!

later, he invited us to his room,
offering us drinks and gave us a warm welcome
then, he explained several things about my future research project, my sampling sites, and the list goes on..
he also told me that i am going make several manuscrips together with him and he is very confident to have that manuscripts finish by the end of this year... ooo-emm-gee!
i also have been given choices either to make phenological studies or community studies or can do both things at the same time depending on my career's field in Malaysia
fuh! too many things to absorb at the first day!
en. suami pun cakap "macam banyak sangat keje mama nanti"..
well...that PhD is all about, dear~
i hope mr. sv will guide me along the way

after loooong conversation+explanation+discussion things, mr. sv brought us for a walk around the building,
introducing me to the other PhD students under his supervision and several management people,
showing me the facilities that can be used in the office and brought me to my working table in the laboratory
and there goes the 1st day meeting up with the mr. sv
before we went back, i've handed the souvenire that me and my hubby bought earlier to him ~ the baju batik
he loves it very much..

i am grateful that mr. sv is an understanding person
he told me that he would not expect me to be at the lab 7 days a week and i can do my work anywhere i can
he also welcome any enquiries and opinions about my study and willing to cooperate at any time
i hope this attitude willl last longer

i'm gonna meet him on Thursday regarding the registration and briefing on safety regulations in the laboratory
can't wait!

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