Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cardiff Day 3

Cardiff, 14/4/2010

I really enjoyed myself learning about fungal isolation with N, one of Prof LB’s PhD student . She seems like a teacher to me and ensure that I had full understanding on everything I’ve heard from her. We spent most of the time in lab and N had shown me step-by-step isolation techniques and it was fun though. It seems easy but you have to be careful especially during the medium making. If you’re not ‘clean’ enough, your medium in petri dish will definitely get contaminated!
What I’ve learnt today:
1. Learnt agar making with T
2. Fungal isolation technique by using branches
3. How to prepare a medium inside lamina flow
4. How to sub-culture individuals

Tomorrow will be my last day at Biosciences Building. I'll probably meet N and Prof LB to thank them for their willingness to have me around. N has already provided me with samples and sub-cultures to bring back to my lab and run them myselves. She is so kind!

I can feel my lab spirit has came back after awhile! I should get going then!


Anonymous said...

QILA...lamina floor takde ..must be lamina flow!!
cik jam

A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n said...

erk..yerla.. baru terperasan..
thanks cik jamilah :)